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At some point in the past year I developed a habit of avoiding mirrors. It was gradual and subconscious, but eventually it rooted itself in my mind.Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

Ultimately, I had an encounter with my reflection while washing my hands in a restaurant bathroom. It became apparent then what had driven me away from looking at myself ... I had The Reds.Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

Some might refer to The Reds as pimples1) or acne2), but mine were not your everyman's3) pimples; what I was dealing with here were erupting lumps4) of flesh. Flaming red, no less. While other kids were popping5) zits6) after a week, I was nursing7) mine to "calm down a bit", as my mother put it. The chance of them actually disappearing was almost laughable; my only hope was that they might just "take it down a notch8)" and level out9) to where my forehead skin usually rests.Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

Looking at myself in the restroom mirror only confirmed what I should have accepted long ago. My brothers had already taken up the duty of attacking me with comments such as "Ooh, I see Mt. Kilimanjaro is peaking mighty high up there on your forehead". How funny. Soon enough my forehead hosted what appeared to be the world's highest mountains: Everest, Kanchenjunga10), McKinley11). Each had a spot12) on my face to call its own13). Somewhere deep down, I felt as if I had a vested interest14) in each and every one of them. If I was going to endure comments about how I should wash my face and quit eating greasy foods (which, I might note, does not stop acne), at least I could become a bit more intimate with the temporary guests on my forehead.Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

I found myself staring at each pimple in the morning, mentally recording its growth and even applauding its development. I applauded more, of course, if it decreased its size in some rare but laudable15) act. Either way, friends and strangers were always willing to lend their tips and support. It was as if the citizens of my town had become overnight experts on dermatology16). They spoke in a coy17) and indirect manner as if to avoid hurting feelings or sounding cruel: "What do you know about witch hazel18)? I hear it does wonders for skin. Not that I'm saying you should use it, just telling you what I heard."Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

What they didn't understand was that The Reds are like some sort of advanced tuberculosis19), resistant to drugs, able to change and thrive in any environment. The Reds don't just react to skin-care products. They act. If I ever did find an effective face wash, I soon realized that focusing on my forehead only caused a new flare-up20) on my cheek. Focus on scraping the face wash on my cheek, and the corner of my lip would bulge with a red welt21), bigger than any I'd ever seen. When I thought I had my whole face covered, bumps formed beneath my eyebrows. The Reds were innovative agents22) of change, willing to go wherever a temporarily potent face wash forced them to go. Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

Sometimes I thought about my dad's situation. Before I was born, he developed skin cancer, which was successfully removed during a long, drawn-out surgery. Unfortunately, the procedure left him with a massive scar across his cheek. Of course, I never paid any attention to it, living with him and all, but in large crowds, he drew stares. A conversation with someone and you would soon notice that person listening to him while subconsciously itching or rubbing the side of their face, a constant reminder as to where their mind really was in the exchange23). On a smaller scale, I noticed the same traits in people I encountered. While we started out speaking eye to eye, we ended up speaking eye to forehead, their gaze getting higher and higher.Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

Mentioning it only made things that much more awkward. It left me feeling less than human, knowing that my body—my face—was more important than who I was altogether.Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

But like many teen-centered issues, The Reds would eventually disappear. From Mt. Kilimanjaro on, each mountain toppled over. Some would leave scars from my constant scratching and squeezing, while others departed in a quieter manner, as if they had never erupted in the first place. Either way, I gradually settled with the embarrassment and grief I carried in my own face. The Reds or not, I decided I wouldn't let them keep me from enjoying the life I wanted to lead.Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

I think back to a trip to Universal Studios with my dad. We sat at a table finishing lunch before we headed toward another line for a ride. He ate casually, but between bites it seemed as if I were the only one aware of the visitors who happened to walk by and make note of his cheek. I leaned in to Dad and expressed my concern. "I really wish they wouldn't stare like that. What's their problem?" He barely glanced up from his food as he issued his response. "Who cares? I know I don't, that much is certain. Let'em stare. Learned that lesson a long time ago."Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

Such simple wisdom hit me deep in my heart of hearts. He wasn't about to let anyone influence how he felt at the given moment. He's got a scar ... and it doesn't even matter, not to him at least. Maybe to the people walking by it did, but to him? Not a chance. When we finished eating, we proceeded to have the time of our lives. Be it my forehead or his cheek, some would gawk24), others would gape25), but I can say with the utmost sincerity that we were the last to notice, and the last to care.Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

从去年的某个时候开始,我逐渐养成了不愿照镜子的习惯。这个习惯起初是无意识慢慢形成的,但最终在我的脑海里扎了根。 Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台











1.pimple [?p?mpl] n. 【医】丘疹;粉刺;小脓疱Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

2.acne [??kni] n. 【医】痤疮,粉刺Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

3.everyman [?evrim?n] n. 普通人,凡夫俗子Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

4.lump [l?mp] n. 隆起,肿块Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

5.pop [p?p] vt. 使爆裂Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

6.zit [z?t] n. <口>小脓疱;丘疹Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

7.nurse [n??s] vt. 调养,调治(疾病)Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

8.take sb. down a notch: 压低某人的气焰Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

9.level out: 变得平坦,变得平整Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

10.Kanchenjunga: 干城章嘉峰,世界第三高峰,位于喜马拉雅山脉中段尼泊尔及印度边界处。Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

11.McKinley: 麦金利峰,北美洲最高峰,位于美国阿拉斯加州东南部。Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

12.spot [sp?t] n. 粉刺,丘疹;脓疱Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

13.call ... one's own: 认为或声称……仅属于自己Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

14.vested interest: 既得利益Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

15.laudable [?l??d?bl] adj. 值得赞美的,值得称赞的Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

16.dermatology [?d??m??t?l?d?i] n. 【医】皮肤病学Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

17.coy [k??] adj. 羞羞答答的;忸怩作态的Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

18.witch hazel: 【药】金缕梅酊剂(用于皮肤止痛、消炎、消肿等)Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

19.tuberculosis [tju??b??kju?l??s?s] n. 【医】结核病;肺结核Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

20.flare-up [?fle?(r)??p] n. (疾病等的)突然发作(或加剧);(尤指)复发Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

21.welt [welt] n. (撞击或擦伤所致的)红肿;伤痕Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

22.agent [?e?d??nt] n. 原动力,动因(指对事态起重要作用的人或事物)Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

23.exchange [?ks?t?e?nd?] n. 交谈;对话Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

24.gawk [ɡ??k] vi. 无礼地瞪着眼看;呆头呆脑地盯着Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台

25.gape [ɡe?p] vi. 瞠目结舌地注视;目瞪口呆地凝视 Kql秒教学习网-学习教育资源分享平台





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